BER (Domestic) & Energy Assessment | SEAI Technical Assessment | Site Suitability Assessment

BER (Domestic) & Energy Assessment

We provide BER certificates for properties for sale or rent and for grant applications including Better Energy Homes grant scheme. A BER Certificate is an indication of the energy performance of a home. Your BER is calculated through energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation, and lighting.

SEAI Technical Assessment

Crocon Engineers Ltd are SEAI registered Independent Technical Advisors. 

The installation of Heat Pump Systems is grant-aided by SEAI under the Better Energy Homes and Communities programmes. One of the requirements for a dwelling to qualify for a grant for Heat Pump Systems is that the energy performance of the dwelling fabric is suitable for Heat Pump System installation. This requirement is in line with SEAI’s aim for installed Heat Pump Systems to be as efficient and effective as is feasible. 

Crocon Engineers Ltd as an independent Technical Advisor, registered with SEAI, is engaged by the homeowner as part of the application process. Crocon Engineers Ltd will guide the homeowner on the energy performance of the dwelling, particularly on the suitability of the dwelling for a heat pump system based on the dwelling’s heat loss. We also provide the homeowner with independent guidance on measures necessary to ensure that the dwelling fabric heat loss is lowered to an acceptable level for a heat pump system to perform effectively and efficiently.

Site Suitability Assessment

CroCon Engineers provide site suitability assessments (percolation test) for onsite wastewater treatment systems. 

BRE Digest 365 Site Assessment

A BRE Test is carried out to determine the volume required for rainwater or stormwater soakaway. CroCon Engineers can carry out all soakaway tests to BRE Digest 365 standards.